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Smokey and The Bandit Prayer Candles

Smokey and The Bandit Prayer Candles

You can’t get much better help than this when praying for the good old American life. The money, the glory, the fun… mostly the money!

Considering that Smokey and The Bandit is the single greatest road chase movie ever made, these prayer candles really do it justice. Buford T. Justice, that is!

You’ve got Sheriff Buford T. Justice, Cledus “Snowman” Snow and of course The Bandit himself – all in their finest holy pose and all accompanied by their road ready rigs.

Some theories of the universe say that everything we do runs on a kind of loop throughout existence, the same things over and over again. If that’s true, then Buford will always be chasing Cledus and Bandit on some dimension or other. If you find that as inspiring as we do, then go ahead and take a few moments to light a candle for their infinite game of cat and mouse.


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