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Nic Cage Activity Book

Nic Cage Activity Book

Nicolas Cage is the single greatest celebrity in the history of the world and this is not up for debate*.

This is an activity book for Nic Cage fans. It’s named after one of his many, many masterpieces, Snake Eyes.

Buy this book.

Live this book.

Become this book.

It will serve you well.

*If you’re under the delusion that it is up for debate, prepare to be shouted down like you pissed off Shia LeBeouf himself because we’re not having any of that attitude at all around here. See, Nic Cage (a.k.a. The One True God) was already a force of nature, a complete phenom of the silver screen, long before drunkMall existed even as a concept. But once drunkMall came into being, a simple pillowcase featuring Nic Cage’s perfectly sculpted body was one of the first items that helped this site go viral and attain the prestigious position in the world of e-commerce that it currently holds.

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