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Gee-Key Swords

Gee-Key Swords

Seriously, all of you entrepreneurs out there, before you name your products, send us an email, pay us a grand and we’ll name your products for you! That’s pretty damn cheap and our track record of coming up with awesome names for things is solid.

All of which is to say that the people who make these geek-tastic keys chose to call themselves “The Key Armory.” Don’t hold that against them though because did you see that picture? If you have the Knight’s Armor visored hoodie, this will complete the whole look!

What a cool product! You know we’ve got some Christmas money going towards that Master Sword immediately!

It’s so simple, too – you just choose the uncut design you like (each key is MUCH larger than it appears in the photo), take it down to your local hardware store and have it cut to open the lock you need.

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