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Sperm USB Flash Drive

Sperm USB Flash Drive

You can store loads of information on this flash drive!

What size is it? That doesn’t matter!

Oh, size does matter? Because it’s a storage device?

Fine, then this fun little sperm-shaped USB drive comes in several sizes, from 8 GB up to 64 GB. That’s a lot of data for one little sperm!

Did you know that a single human sperm cell contains 37.5 MB of information? That means a 64 GB flash drive could hold over 1700 sperm cells! This is all abstract and theoretical, by the way. If you try to store that many actual physical sperm cells on any kind of hard drive, you’re gonna have a bad time. And a gross hard drive.

Shoot on over to the link below and blow some of your wad on one or several of these USB drives!

Aw, skeet skeet!

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