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Least Hated gift card

Least Hated gift card

February 14th is coming up and none of you better sell out and switch over to celebrating V Day instead of Singles Awareness Day – that goes for office parties, too!

Valentine’s cards are strictly forbidden! Ok, maybe not strictly. If someone slipped us a Bleeding Heart Bernie Sanders valentine, we might be okay with that. But any other bullshit and we’re not having it!

If there happens to be someone at a party you must attend, who you kind sorta maybe like a little bit, then this is the card you’re allowed to give them. We will allow you to let a person know that you hate them the least amount out of all the people you hate – that’s it.

This card was not designed by April Ludgate because that’s a fictional character but it was designed by Janja Primozic, who has a bunch more neat stuff available alongside these cards over at Society 6. Hit up that button below and check it all out!

[More stuff that┬ásingles could use in drunkMall’s Love Stinks gift guide!]

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