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Dick Nose Face Mask

Dick Nose Face Mask

Yo, what up, dick nose?!?

Never in the history of all mankind has it been easier to put a fake cock right smack dab in the middle of your face than right now! Now we’re not saying that putting a penis where your nose should be is anything new. Believe it or not, it’s a tradition as old as masquerading and orgies. But you used to have to go visit a costume maker and get a custom phallus designed for your face and it was a whole ordeal – who has the time anymore?!

Fret not, wannabe dicknoses, because once again the Internet is here to the rescue with a one-size-fits-all schlong mask!

The details are pretty realistic and you also get a creepily toothsome smile with some ratty fake facial hair in the deal, so it’s quite the bargain, as these things go.

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