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Shaggy Slides

Shaggy Slides

It’s like a movie set in the ’70s up in here!

You know the scene. The one where the broke protagonist has to go talk to the sketchy ass landlady who’s never seen without a lit cigarette, hair typically in rollers, voice like she spent all last night chewing on whiskey-flavored gravel and dressed in nothing but a bathrobe and house slippers.

If you’re like us, you only think one thing when that feisty bitch comes onscreen: GOALS!

Every step you take will be a step towards that life with these shaggy slide-on house shoes! We didn’t even know you could still buy these things…

They’re the same basic setup as your favorite slides (or chanklas, if you prefer), except these things are designed for maximum comfort as well as maximum fabulousness with that extra thick faux-fur spilling out all over the top!

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