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The Dong Bong

The Dong Bong

It’s so good once it hits your lips!

Take a knee and get ready for the sexiest beer bong of your life because it’s The Dong Bong, baby!

Yup, it’s a beer bong with a big, fake cock on the end that goes in your mouth!

It’s just like being back in the fraternity, right, guys?

But don’t get lost in memories of the best days of your life, there’s still plenty of penis-themed partying to do in your immediate future!

Look at the head on that thing…

You’ll be able to practice that blowjob technique while chugging down beer. That’s called multi-tasking, boys and girls!

Thanks to bachelorette parties and immature gift givers, The Dong Bong is regularly sold out but it’s in stock right now so you’d better dive on this opportunity to get some good dick in your life!

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