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Savage Jerky Co.’s Sriracha Bacon

Savage Jerky Co.’s Sriracha Bacon

Like reading that headline doesn’t instantly sell it. Do us a favor and pretend everything we’re about to say is contributing in some way. We’d never heard of sriracha bacon before Savage Jerky offered to send us some.

It’s unbelievable.

The bacon arrives very fresh and still sticky from the marinade. (If you like your bacon on the crispy side, try opening the bag up, resealing it and hiding it from yourself for a week or so – if you can. We’ve had ours since Halloween and it seemed to crisp up some since being opened.)

On first taste, it’s sweet enough to make you wonder if you accidentally ordered candied meat. But fear not, some of that signature sriracha heat arrives on the scene soon after! (Spice addicts should know that Savage makes some pretty serious habanero and ghost pepper jerkies.)

Be warned that this could very well ruin any other jerky for you and it gets eaten extremely fast!

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