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Game of Thrones USB Drives

Game of Thrones USB Drives

When the final battle between the forces of Light and Darkness is done, you want your data to be as safe as the Iron Bank of Braavos, don’t you?

All men must die but all important files and documents must be kept safer than Bran Stark of Winterfell!

Look no further than these Game of Thrones flash drives for your small-scale storage needs!

One shaped like the prestigious Hand of the King emblem pin and the other a version of the Direwolf sigil belonging to House Stark, these two USB drives are perfect for backing up, storing or transferring up to 8 GB of whatever you’ve got going on in your life!

The direwolf design has a small eyelet for placing it on a keyring and the Hand of the King emblem is actually a real pin that could be worn just like the badge in the TV show, if you want! (That means it’s sharp though, so be careful.)

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