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Dickbutt Pin

Dickbutt Pin

As every diligent historian of Internet memes knows, Dickbutt turns ten years old on July 2nd, 2016. (This isn’t a joke.) It’s been a wild and crazy decade for Dickbutt aficionados. After every new meme or GIF goes viral, there’s that window of anticipation: How long until someone takes this to meta territory and how soon will a Dickbutt reveal be the punchline?

Statisticians and data analysts alike have found no dependable patterns, which is what makes it all so exciting! Dickbutt could show up at any time, in any meme, and there’s no predicting it.

Show your respect and admiration for the crown prince of e-subculture with a high quality alloy pin, filled in with white enamel. The pin is about 1.25 inches tall and fastens securely with two pins and stoppers on the back, instead of just one.

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