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French Fry Cutter

French Fry Cutter

This gadget makes prepping potatoes for french fries so very simple. As you can see, there’s a slot for you to insert a chef’s knife (not included), if you’d rather cube up some home fries.

You think every fast food restaurant offers french fries because they’re just that good?

Of course not.

Potatoes are one of the cheapest foods you can buy. French fries may seem inexpensive on the menu but the price of each order is almost pure profit because of how cheap they are to make. Why put money in someone else’s pocket when it’s way easier than you’d think to make them at home?

Play around with your own spice formulas. Use healthier oils. It’s your kitchen, you make the rules!

This isn’t one of those kitchen tools that’s only good for one thing, by the way. You can use it to slice fruits and vegetables and other stuff, too.

Check it out!

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