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Beer Bandolier

Beer Bandolier

When waging war on sobriety, you never want to run out of ammo. That’s what the enemy wants you to do but you’re smarter than that! So feel free to head of deep into the wilderness, loaded down with plenty of reserve ammunition in your beer bandolier!

You know what a bandolier is. It’s like a strip of fabric that you wear across your body and it has a bunch of slots to carry bullets in it. Frequently seen in action movies, worn by guys shooting guns you either have to join the army or visit a third-world country to be able to fire yourself.

Yeah, buddy.

Tell ya what.

These here beer bandoliers hold a full 12 pack of canned brews securely in place. That’s hands-free and secure alcohol transportation, with a waistband that’s adjustable up to 32 inches.

Get some!

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