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Car Seat Gap Stopper

Car Seat Gap Stopper

Stop dropping literally everything you try to handle while in the car down between the gap in the seat and the console.

You know you’ve done it…

Your phone, your keys, a CD, chapstick, money, wallets, jewelry, food, human babies, cigarettes, Bob Saget’s career…

We’ve all lost at least one of these things to that awful and mysterious space somewhere beneath the seat of an automobile. Sometimes we find those things again, sometimes they’re lost forever.

One thing’s for sure, you can’t lose something under the seat if it never gets under the seat in the first place!

That’s what it apparently took some geniuses until the past few years to realize when they invented these little filler things to close up that seat space. (Seriously, gang? The Model T was created how many years ago and it took y’all until now to come out with these things? Way to be on top of needs of society…)

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