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Chuck Morris Sleeveless Tee

Chuck Morris Sleeveless Tee

Chuck Morris is the perfect man.

Part teenager and part action hero, this guy would crush on Tinder.

Fans of Walker Texas Ranger and Delta Force don’t need to be told of the badassitude of Chuck Norris. The man’s a lethal weapon.

And Zack Morris? He’s only one of the coolest dudes to ever answer an oversized mobile phone in high school!

Chuck Morris is the best of both worlds. A true beefcake, sporting a full beard because he’s a man, not because it’s the cool thing to do. And when it comes to fashion, his throwback sense of style is on point. His Texas belt buckle and ranger badge are the perfect accents for the neon color palette on display in his wardrobe.

This sleeveless tee is a Society 6 item, which means this design is available in other colors and on other items, like phone cases, mugs, towels and other things. Hit up the link to see all your options!

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