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Golden Snitch Cufflinks

Golden Snitch Cufflinks

The franchise merchandising that keeps on giving…

No, it’s not whatever other dorky mega-billion dollar movie franchise you also love and love to talk about loving so much so people know it’s part of your identity – it’s Harry Potter!

This isn’t just for the really hardcore fans with extended genealogy charts all over the bedroom walls either. They’ll for sure want this but it’s casual enough for even people who only kinda liked the movies and only after the first couple kids ones were over…

Golden Snitch cufflinks!

They aren’t made of real gold. That would put a pretty steep price tag on these. But they’re still nice!

As shiny as a golden snitch should be and the initials HP are on each cufflink in the movie logo font, which is especially nice if your own initials are HP. You can change your name.

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