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Coconut Party Cups

Coconut Party Cups

Tiki parties for everybody!

Serve your favorite tropical theme cocktails in these plastic coconut cups!

These things are better than using real coconuts in every way.

First of all, getting one coconut open in a way that it can still be used as a cup is a pain in the ass. Getting 12 coconuts open so all your friends can drink from their own coconut? That’s a circle of Hell. There are prisons on this planet that are more fun to be in than trying to open 12 coconuts perfectly.

Next, even if you do manage to get those coconuts open without stabbing yourself in the hand with a screwdriver, congratulations on the mess you just made to give all your friends cups that will get coconut shell grit in their mouths.

Anyway, you don’t have to mess with that. 12 plastic coconuts to an order. Convenient straw holes. Wash ’em and reuse ’em.

This is the move.

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