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Micro Feisty Pets

Micro Feisty Pets

What’s sweeter than cuddly cute little animal babies?

How about cuddly cute little animal babies that turn into vicious beasts at the drop of a hat?

Okay, wow. Pick your hat up off the ground. Not a literal drop of a hat…

We’ve featured the full size versions of Feisty Pets before but now they’re back with miniature versions and we are so in love!

Just like the big ones, there’s a special place on the back of each animal figure that you squeeze to transform its face from docile and pleasant to mean and snarly!

It’s the best.

They only have the bear, dog, cat and unicorn versions available right now in miniature but if you buy them up then maybe they’ll recreate the whole line in the micro versions!

Each mini Feisty Pet comes with a clip to hang on a keychain or backpack or whatever. Take it with you everywhere!

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