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Shark Attack Beach Towel

Shark Attack Beach Towel

Shark attack!

Two words you definitely don’t want to hear at the beach. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying this beach towel with a bit of a darkly comic design for the occasion!

Sharks are awesome, okay?

Honestly, your odds of getting attacked by a shark are not realistically that high unless you go dicking around in a place where sharks are known to congregate in significant number. And even if you do get attacked by a shark, people kill way more sharks every year than sharks kill people, so stop being a wuss and take one for the team, okay? A lot of shark attacks aren’t even fatal, you baby…

Anyway, this towel is great. If you look at the reviews, remember that beach towels are not supposed to be thick and fluffy like the towel you’d use for a shower. Anyone who wines about a thin beach towel is the kind of person who’d go and get themselves bitten by a shark…

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