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Synthetic Grass Flip Flops

Synthetic Grass Flip Flops

Yo, brah!

Don’t get bummed about the changing of the seasons, man.

It’s natural, you know? Everything goes in cycles, dig?

The leaves will turn, the temperature will drop and you might even see some snow, if the chemtrails and global warming allow. And you’re worried about missing the feeling of grass under your bare feet and between your toes. But fret not, earth dog. It’s chill.

Pick up a pair of these grass-tastic flippy floppies now and you’ll be walking on (synthetic) grass all through the winter times in the comfort of your very own home (or geodesic dome or gutted school bus or wherever you live).

There are several different styles of synthetic grass available for your pair of flip flops, so choose the variety that speaks loudest to your root chakra.

Phish bootlegs and didgeridoo sold separately.

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