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Naughty n Nice Stay Puft Mug

Naughty n Nice Stay Puft Mug

Some days even coffee isn’t enough to keep from turning you into an enormous evil marshmallow monster that wants to destroy an entire city and can only be killed by a massive explosion caused by crossing the streams of four proton packs…

Other days: mmmmm, coffee!

The Stay-Puft marshmallow man is a beloved figure from the Ghostbusters franchise. Sometimes he’s naughty, sometimes he’s nice. This mug depicts one of his personalities on each side. So, whether you’re feeling like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde, the Stay-Puft coffee cup has you covered.

Made out of heavy-duty ceramic, the mug weighs a little under a pound and holds 20 ounces of coffee or tea or whatever you use mugs to drink. (Anyone tried that yerba mate business? Holy wow!¬†Talk about a natural high…)

Oh! And obviously this is the perfect vessel for that friend or family member who can’t have hot chocolate without half the cup being full of marshmallows!

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