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Hunky Jewelry Holder

Hunky Jewelry Holder

Sometimes you just need a big, strong man in your life to hold up your jewelry… with his dick.

Or, actually, it doesn’t have to be about “need.” It can be entirely about “want.” And it doesn’t have to be about jewelry, either. If you want to see some dick, well, this is America and let it never be said about America that a legal adult wishing to see some dick went without that dick.

Basically, this is a 6-inch tall statue of a musclebound man flexing his entire body and showing off a gigantic, erect cock. We’re talking fully ripped, from the calves to the butt cheeks to whatever you call those muscles on the back right beneath each side of the neck. Plus a massive dong.

If you have a lot of bracelets, hang ’em on the dong. If you don’t have bracelets, congratulations on your new cock statue!

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