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12 Mini Pullback Race Cars

12 Mini Pullback Race Cars

Who’s up for an old fashioned pullback toy car race?!

The thing about kids’ toys is that they’re wasted on kids. When you’re a child, you have no patience or vision for taking a game to its highest heights. Everyone of us who had these little cars back in the day probably just pulled them back and let them run until they hit a wall or some stupid shit like that.

Forget that.

Go deep. Take it all the way.

Build a freaking drag strip in your basement and have a full-on tournament. Make a drinking game out of it. Print up shirts with your team names. Take it way, way too seriously. Make that one friend who’s always too competitive cry by destroying his stupid little car in a race for pink slips!

Here’s the most important part: send us video of the entire thing!

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