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Rapid Ramen Cooker

Rapid Ramen Cooker

This cooks ramen in 4 minutes and you don’t have to stand there watching it not be ready to eat while you’re starving. Just put it in the microwave, do the right buttons and come back when it’s ready to eat.

We showed this to one of our friends and, like a dumbass, they said, “But I always make two packs of ramen at a time and it won’t hold two.” It’s less than ten dollars. Buy two. Problem solved.

Here’s why we like this. Starting drunkMall was just a fun idea and then it became insanely popular and took over our lives. We forget to eat now, like, a lot. Like it’s a problem. Then when we realize we’re hungry and go to the kitchen, it’s all stuff that has to be prepared and that takes time and there’s so much other stuff that has to be done.

It’s definitely a situation but having this around will make it a lot easier to stay fed at drunkMall HQ!

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