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The Most Annoying Teddy Bear Ever

The Most Annoying Teddy Bear Ever

No, it’s not the most annoying teddy bear ever because of how cute and innocent it looks. (Though, that is super obnoxious.) It’s The Most Annoying Teddy Bear Ever because it plays “Happy Birthday” when you press a button on the bear.

Awful, right?

No, you don’t get it. Once the bear starts playing the birthday song, it doesn’t stop. Like, ever. From the moment that button gets pushed until the bear is destroyed or the battery dies, this innocent looking teddy bear is a torture device.

How long does the battery last?

Nobody knows exactly because they’ve never been able to make it more than an hour into the dimension of Hell that opens up when there’s an evil teddy bear driving you insane with saccharine childhood melodies…

Obviously, the whole point of this is to give it to someone as a present on their birthday without telling them the bear can’t be shut off. God have mercy on your twisted souls.

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