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Miniature Arcade Game Systems

Miniature Arcade Game Systems

Does anyone else ever feel like the older generations of simpler video games are more fun than the massive, complex games we have today? Now when you get a new console game you’re likely to spend an hour creating a character and/or learning how to use all ten buttons on the controller before you spend a single minute in actual gameplay.

Frogger, Pacman, Street Fighter II…

Those games were all amazing – and they still are!

You turn on the power, you hit “Start” and you’re playing a great video game. Straight to the fun part! And if you need any more convincing that simple gaming like this is still fun then just look at how popular 8-bit games are in app stores for phones.

But it’s hard to replace the experience of playing those vintage arcade games the way they were designed to be played. This crew on Kickstarter has the solution, though. Offering three options for playing games from ALL the major consoles and arcade machines at home, including one that’s a standalone miniature cabinet with screen!

We’ve got our eye on that little replica of an arcade controller dashboard, though. It’s even got a trackball for bowling and golf games!

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