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MC Hammer Making a To-Do List

MC Hammer Making a To-Do List

If you think about it, MC Hammer got a lot done in the few years when he ruled pop music. There were the musical hits, obviously, but he also managed to single-handedly make parachute pants a thing as well as work himself into The Addams Family franchise.

Now, a man rarely accomplishes that many goals (and many more) without a sizable to-do list, ya dig?

So this is a little piece of art depicting Hammer sitting down to make such a list of tasks. So far he’s made reminders to stop, hammer time and prevent touching. Those are good. If we were helping, we’d suggest he add “don’t hurt ’em” to the list.

This art was found on Society 6. You can get it as a print (with or without a frame) or on a mug, shirt, phone case, etc. Check out all the options at the link below.

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