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Rock Star Skull Shirt

Rock Star Skull Shirt

Listen, if your rock stars don’t have songs about death then you need to find some new rock stars, got it?

Death and rock music go together like sex and rock music or drugs and rock music. In fact, we should probably just add death to the whole sex and drugs and rock & roll thing…

Sex, Death, Drugs and Rock & Roll – that’s the thing from now on, get into it.

This t-shirt takes a very famous image of a very famous artist who is no longer with us. We’re not trying to get anyone in trouble but if you run an image search for “rock makeup” or “glam rock” then you should be able to find the exact album cover we’re talking about within like ten seconds because it’s literally the most famous image from the genre.

Anyway, this shirt takes that image and adds a grinning skull to the mix. Because death.

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