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Non-Evil Monkey Pillows

Non-Evil Monkey Pillows

First thing’s first, these monkey pillows are not evil.

They’re not.

Anyone who looks at these throw pillows and tells you there’s evil involved, well, they can’t prove that in court. And who would even want to do that when these monkey pillows are so cute!

The monkey pillow comes with thin little arms and paws attached. The paws have velcro patches you can use to attach the arms in various ways, including the poses from the famous proverb – hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil!


We told you there isn’t anything evil about these pillows!

So pick up a cute monkey pillow for your place and you can have a smiling monkey face around all the time. Hug it and cuddle with it, take a nap on it and play with its little arms!

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