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Mistaken ’80s Lyrics Coasters

Mistaken '80s Lyrics Coasters

It’s always hilarious when you find out one of your friends has been singing the wrong lyrics to a song for at least ten years, right?

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters are a tribute to that exact thing. Each collection features oft-misheard lines from hit songs that fit a theme. We like the one from The ’80s the best but if there’s a ’90s set that’s gotta be hilarious, as well. (Because you can’t understand the singers of half the bands that were popular in The ’90s. Come on, stay with us….)

Here’s the best part, though. It’s nearly inevitable that a night will come when a tipsy houseguest will read their coaster and get super confused, thinking the lyrics on the coaster are correct and the ones they’ve been singing forever are wrong. What you do at that point is totally up to you. You’re a professional. We trust your judgement.

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