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Stapleless Stapler

Stapleless Stapler

It’s hard to believe we’re still using so much paper on this planet.

Like, fax machines are still in heavy use around the world.

Think about that…

Okay, okay – fax machines still make sense in some scenarios but staples?

Come on, there’s no reason for anyone to still be using staples, especially now that we have “staplers” that don’t even require staplers to do their job!

Yet another item for the “Why Did It Take So Long to Create This?” file, this is a tool that punches into a sheaf of papers (up to 10 sheets thick) and folds/presses the tabs of paper up under the back of stack to hold everything in place just like a staple would.

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen. You may now quit using staples forever and ever.

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