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You So Basic mug

You So Basic mug

The year was 2011.

Basic bitches (of all genders) had been roaming the planet for centuries. But it was only a couple years earlier that a term was developed for these opposite-of-rare creatures. Maybe it was the Uggs, maybe it was the Tumblrs – nobody can say for sure what caused the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon in America’s collective cultural consciousness.

But the year was 2011 and basic bitches were everywhere…

For the next four years, we were all forced to take sides in the Basic War. Some were anti-Basic. Some were Basic and Proud. Memes were made. Alliances formed and friendships were broken. Pumpkin Spice was the most volatile stock in the market…

Here in 2016, it’s almost as if the Basic War never even happened. As suddenly as it became a way of life, it sank back into the sands of time, awaiting its inevitable rescue from obscurity by coffee mug nostalgia…

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