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Kaiju Ghostbusters Poster

Kaiju Ghostbusters Poster

This poster is a truly rare collector’s item for fans of the original Ghostbusters movie. (And who isn’t a fan of that movie?)

Tom Whalen designed this poster to resemble an old-school kaju film poster (think Gojira) and he’s done a remarkable job. The silkscreen poster is of the “tall and skinny” variety hanging at 1 foot wide, nearly 3 feet tall.

Prominently featuring the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man along with cartoon versions of our four beloved heroes in an action scene. The movie’s title is beautifully rendered in deep blocked Japanese characters with the Ghostbusters logo in the middle.

It all kinda makes you wonder what a Japanese remake of Ghostbusters would be like, doesn’t it? We’d watch it, for sure.

You won’t find these one-of-a-kind posters anywhere else. Limited to 750 units, each poster is numbered in pencil and silkscreened to medium weight white paper.

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