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Mermaid Socks

Mermaid Socks

Fancy yourself a bit of a mermaid but aren’t ready to take that last step into a full-on tail?

These socks have you covered!

Separately (or while wearing shoes) the print looks like a pinkish, orangey socks with an unusual pattern of black lines.

But when united the whole picture becomes clear – it’s a tail!

These socks are recommended for mermaid fetishists, Instagram models and literally anyone with a Tumblr account. Especially for all you weirdos that want to bang a mermaid or pretend to be a mermaid while you’re getting banged, this is equipment for that gig. Comfy socks and a little bit of imagination are way easier than, you know, a 500 gallon fish tank and scuba gear.

The socks are unisex, so all genders are welcome to this party. They’re made in the USA and do not smell like fish at all!

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