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Cupholder Fit Power Inverter

Cupholder Fit Power Inverter

Do more with that car cigarette lighter than charge little portable devices!

Transform that sucker into a couple of regular outlets with this very convenient power inverter!

Power inverters are nothing new but most of the ones on the market until now have been shaped like a bulky brick. This one is shaped like a cup (and it’s even designed to look a lot like a typical “to go” coffee cup) so it will fit right in the cupholder of (most) cars!

The inverter gives you two “wall plug” style outlets and a USB outlet, which is probably what you were going to use the car lighter outlet for anyway!

So you can still charge your phone but you can also power a laptop computer in the backseat or, like, a Hitachi magic wand or something. Just don’t let the driver play with any toys while the vehicle is in motion…

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