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Silicone Shot Mold

Silicone Shot Mold

Can you freeze it, bake it or leave it in the refrigerator to “set” into a solid form?

Then you can use this silicone mold to turn it into a shot “glass!”

Of course, since this is food-grade silicone rubber, we highly recommend making edible shots. You see some ideas in the photo, there. Looks like a rice cereal shot, a new take on a jello shot, chocolate shot and sugar candy shots.

Whip up some brownie batter and make brownie shot cups?

Perfect for downing a Snakebite or a White Russian!

Obviously any cookie or cake shot would be delicious filled with milk.

Yeah, those are cool but you can also get pretty crazy with it if you want…

Pack grated cheese into the mold, melt it in the oven and let it cool into cheese cups and then fill those bitches with Goldfish crackers or chopped pepperoni sticks!

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