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36″ Battery-Operated Cattle Prod

36″ Battery-Operated Cattle Prod

drunkMall has a “no questions asked” policy. If you need a cattle prod, hey, we just want to show you a cool cattle prod that we found. That’s your business.

Amazon buyers like to ask a lot of questions before they make a purchase, though, so let’s check some out for this product:

Q: Does it have enough power to put a 1500 lb bull in his place?

A: Yes…. I use it on my mother-in-law.

Q: Will it kill scorpions?

A: Yes, if you have the eye of an eagle, the steady hand of a brain surgeon, coordination and skill of a pilot, then you can pin-point the scorpion and zap-zap him once and he is dead.

Q: Will this help me get through crowds of people faster?

A: Yes. I believe it would be perfect for those purposes!

Q: Will it kill small frogs?

A: Yes, I have killed small rodents with it and since they are the same type of pest it will do the job. As long as the frogs are not one of the plagues sent by the divine almighty, you’ll have no worry.

Q: Does it come with batteries?

A: Yes, still using the ones it came with.

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