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There Is No Escape framed art print

There Is No Escape framed art print

Oh, ho, ho, ho!

That gut-busting IT brand of workplace humor. Is there anyone immune to the subtlety and nuances of its wit? Nay, m’lady, ’tis a statistical improbability, to be sure…

All right, here’s the deal. IT holds all the cards at your office job. They control the functionality of your network access and they know everything you look at while you’re on the clock (and “working late”). You want to curry their favor, if you can.

You’ll never be one of them and any attempt to fake it will be obvious and pathetic. Not what you want. What you want to do is let them know that you know you aren’t one of them but that you totally get them and could possibly even hold your own in a Game of Thrones convo even though you haven’t read the books.

That’s what this framed artwork is meant to accomplish. There is no escape.

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