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Weenie Whistle

Weenie Whistle

If you’ve ever seen the classic Christmas movie The Santa Clause then you honestly don’t even need to read this post. Just scroll down to the bottom, click the link button and pick yourself up a legendary weenie whistle.

Everyone else, it’s history time.

In the early days of TV advertising, the jingle was king. It’s possible that jingles are still around but if they are we could sing one to you, which is the mark of a great jingle.

Anyway, two of the greatest jingles of all time came from the Oscar Mayer brand of processed meat products. Ask your grandparents if they remember they Oscar Mayer song and chances are good that they can roll off a mish-mashed version combining the two jingles into one. (They’re old. Their memories do funny things.)

This story gets even more interesting…

As you’ll hear from fans of another classic movie, Demolition Man, there was something of a “hot dog company jingle war” in The 60s, between Oscar Mayer and Armour hot dog companies.

In our opinion, Oscar Mayer won that war. And it’s not just because we’re trying to talk you into buying a weenie whistle. Which you should do. Now.

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