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Movie-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Movie-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Something about seeing actors indulge in a vice onscreen makes that vice seem like the best thing you could do with your body in this life.

Don’t believe that?

Fine. Watch basically any movie about criminals while you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Movies about criminals pretty much always have a lot of cigarette smoking in them (because cigarettes are bad) and you’ll be jonesing for a smoke before you know it.

Okay, point proven.

Gone with the Gin is a book full of recipes to help you indulge in our favorite vice (drinking) by making cocktails inspired by and named after famous movies!

It’s named after a super old-timey flick but don’t worry, there are plenty of entries for drinks named after movies that were made in your own lifetime so you don’t have to be some kind of movie nerd to enjoy this thing.

Drink up!

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