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Phone-Powered Fan

Phone-Powered Fan

If you go to a music festival, there’s a super easy way to spot the people you want to be your new friends: look for the person or persons using their phone non-stop, like they couldn’t care less how long the battery lasts.

Why is this a good tell?

Simple. Anyone who isn’t hoarding battery life (and isn’t a total moron) has quick and easy access to an electric outlet for charging. That means that person is either a total pro at musis fests and probably has a sick campsite party going down later or, and this is who you’re really trying to find, has VIP access to artist lounges or even a tour bus!

If you can make friends and get back into those VIP areas, you’re set. Ever seen Entourage? You don’t have to be anybody to live like you’re somebody. Free food, free drinks, famous people everywhere…

There’s probably even air-conditioning involved! So if you’re trying to live that life, look for someone who cares so little about their phone battery they’re using it to power a fan like this.

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