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Math Jokes Tote Bag

Math Jokes Tote Bag

This product was made for two kinds of people:

  1. Math teachers
  2. people who need to buy a present for Math teachers

It’s a singular sense of humor. And you don’t have to have it or even understand it. Just trust us. If there’s any gift in the world that could turn you in to the Math teacher’s pet, this tote bag has to be that gift.

The gist of the joke here is that it’s a bunch of numbers yelling at a zero because a zero isn’t a number.

Oh, yeah, sure. It’s hilarious.

Nevermind that the zero has nothing, literally nothing, to live for and all the other numbers are being mean to it just because it’s different than everyone else.

Math is for sadists. You people are sick. Just the worst, really.

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