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Sneaker Socks

Sneaker Socks

Socks are a way of life.

There’s wearing shoes. There’s having bare feet. And then there’s wearing socks.

Wearing socks is just better.

Oh, it’s the middle of May and it’s hot as balls and you don’t want to wear socks? Well have you ever considered not wearing any other clothes except for socks? You should because it’s awesome.

There’s just a certain sense of security that comes with wearing a pair of socks. Heat leaves your body through the extremities, so a pair of socks literally provides a warm fuzzy feeling.

Shoes can be too much – stuffy, uncomfortable, even hot and sweaty.

But what if you could wear a nice pair of comfy socks that looked like a pair of shoes?

You can! You really can!

Silly Socks are socks printed to resemble a pair of retro-style hightop sneakers! The comfort of socks and the fashion of shoes!

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