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Suicidal Tendencies Flip-Up Snapback

Suicidal Tendencies Flip-Up Snapback

Ironic depression is trendier right now than maybe at any other point in recorded history. So we figure it’s time for Suicidal Tendencies merch to make a comeback!

This ST flip-up snapback is also right in line with current fashion. Like, if this was just a blank black hat in this style then you could still expect to see it worn by a skateboarding girl on Instagram in a photo with more likes than you’ve accumulated over the span of your entire account. So add in a little “on trend” depression vibes and that’s just efficient accessorizing right there!

Suicidal Tendencies are a band, by the way. It doesn’t matter.

Oh, and suicide is obviously not a joke. If you’re legit suicidal then you should for real get some help instead of shopping for a new hat. The hat isn’t the answer for you right now.

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