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Wine Glass Bottle Attachment

Wine Glass Bottle Attachment

Finally there’s a better way for everyone who knows they’re gonna drink the entire bottle of wine!

Don’t even mess around with all that “pouring” nonsense…

After the wine bottle is opened, all you have to do is pop this wine glass attachment in the top!

You could think of it as a wine glass that magically refills itself with up to a full bottle’s worth of wine…

Or you could not bother thinking at all because now is not the time for thinking, now is the time for drinking!

As you can imagine, this product is regularly sold out. So if this is something you’d like to have in your life then you need to jump on the opportunity to grab one now while supplies last. Also, wine loving readers of drunkMall should be sure to hit up the Wine Not gift guide if you haven’t seen that yet!

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