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Drogon Doll

Drogon Doll

It’s a cute miniature Drogon plushy doll to get you through the night.

After all, the night is dark and full of terrors…

Like the terrible realization that we’re still months away from new episodes hitting the air. And the realization that the new season will only have seven episodes instead of ten. And the realization that the next season after that will be the last one of the series…

Full of terrors, indeed!

But Drogon’s here to keep you safe, little lords and ladies of Westeros. Officially licensed by the show and modeled after the largest and most fearsome of Khaleesi’s three dragons, this Drogon plush doll makes a great buddy at bedtime. You’ll also enjoy holding your own Drogon buddy while watching him wreak havoc in the new episodes, as he’s sure to do.

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