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Taco Bell Wrapper Wedding Dress

Taco Bell Wrapper Wedding Dress

Upgrade your special day to Bell Grande with some help from South of the Border!

One resourceful bride-to-be fashioned her own wedding dress using many Taco Bell food wrappers.

How many?

Well, you’d have to ask her but just look at that photo. It’s a lot. Like, if you had to eat this much Taco Bell to get these wrapper, your digestive system may never forgive you.

Fortunately for her, the young lady simply requested the wrappers from a manager of ┬áTaco Bell and her request was granted. The actual wedding ceremony was then held inside of that Taco Bell location. (You’ve got to admire their dedication to the theme.)

Taco Bell food wrapper wedding dresses haven’t hit the retail market yet but give it some time. Of course, you could always try your luck replicating the whole story. Worked for her!

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