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Blow-Up Doll Mask with Wig

Blow-Up Doll Mask with Wig

Equally hilarious and terrifying, depending on how it’s used, this is a mask and wig for all fourteen of you people out there who’ve always fantasized about being a blowup sex doll!

Or if you want to be a blowup doll for Halloween or a costume party, that’s pretty funny. Try and make a little effort on the rest of the outfit though, okay? Hard plastic boobs and too pink nipples will go a long way in selling the whole effect.

All you kinky types wanting this for other reasons, we don’t need to know about it. drunkMall always asks for readers to send in photos of them enjoying their drunken late night purchases but there’s been a few too many polaroids in recent bags of mail, so y’all can chill on this one.

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