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Gone Squatchin Shirt

Gone Squatchin Shirt

Listen, there’s no way all the people who pretend to think Bigfoot is real actually believe that Bigfoot is real.

They probably just really, really like camping.

Like, they probably want to be camping so much that other people think that’s weird, so then squatchers are all like, “Oh, that’s weird? Well check this shit out: I believe in Bigfoot and when I go out in the woods so much it’s because I’m looking for evidence he exists. You down with that? Because if not, you can roll the F on down the road!”

If you lay that on someone and they don’t peace out of your life, you know they’re with you for the right reasons.

Side note: anyone with even a passing interest in Bigfoot needs to check out Bobcat Goldthwait’s most recent film, Willow Creek. No spoilers, here, but there’s no other movie even remotely like it.

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