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Frankenberry Lip Balm

Frankenberry Lip Balm

Frankenberry lip balm – so delicious that it’s spooky!

If you were lucky enough to have parents who understood that your baby teeth were just going to fall out anyway, you may be familiar with Frankenberry cereal. It’s one of the two original monster themed cereals that General Mills came out with in The 70s. (The other, of course, being the more well-known Count Chocula)

With a unique strawberry flavor, Frankenberry was a pretty big hit with the kids, especially when they found out that it turned their poop pink…

Who wouldn’t want to have pink poop?

Okay, well, either way, that won’t be an issue with Frankenberry lip balm because all you’re doing with this stuff is rubbing it on your lips to enjoy the delicious strawberry flavor and comfortably moist lips!

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